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Interview Globo - SPTV 2nd Edition - Fraud in personal documents for opening companies.

Participation of Dr. Flavio Paschoa Junior in the TV Agenda program of TV Cultura in partnership with OAB / SP, talking about the New Commercial Code, together with Prof. Fabio Ulhoa, Dr. Jarbas Machioni, Prof. Armando Rovai and Dr. Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro.

Rede Record Interview - Comments about the court decision that seized passports, suspended CNH and canceled a debtor's credit cards.


Live interview of Dr. Flavio Paschoa to the Jornal da CBN 2nd edition, commenting on the decision of the court that seized the passport, suspended the CNH and canceled all the credit cards of a debtor.


Interview by Dr. Flavio Paschoa to the Economics section of the DCI Journal.